Your Go-To 24 Hour AR Uncut Lab

We stock and produce a wide variety of premium quality lenses to meet our goal of fast turn-around and satisfied clients. Our selection of single vision, progressive and photochromic lenses are available in a wide array of lens materials which will satisfy the needs of your patient base while helping to keep your practice running smoothly. See our Document Center for availability on specific lenses and materials. 


We carry all the major manufacturers of progressive lenses including Varilux, Definity, Shamir and Kodak. Our house brands include OptoXpress, OptoXpress Short, OptoXtreme (digital) and Opto PAL/Short (non-digital).  
By having our own in-house digital line, these products are available to the consumer much faster with the most precise optics that a digitally produced lens can offer! 


We supply all the foremost premium no glare treatments available in the marketplace today, including the full Crizal® Family, the Zeiss AR line and our house brands AR24plus and AR15. All anti-reflective lenses are produced in house except for Crizal Sapphire. 


Transitions® is the market leader in photochromic lenses. We supply the entire family of Transitions brands including Transitions Signature VII, Transitions Xtractive and Transitions Vantage. Also now available: Transitions Signature VII Graphite Green.