Our Lab

Your Go-To 24 Hour AR Uncut Lab

“24 Hour Uncut” turnaround is not something we decided to say…it is something we decided to do. It isn’t easy, but it is necessary to be in line with our customers’ expectations. It takes focus, dedication, and a continual improvement of our processes throughout the lab.

Once your order is in the system, our lab management software uses bar code identification to track your order through the stages of the process. Each order is routed through the lab in line with the specifics of your patient’s prescription.

Our lab has sufficient capacity to handle the growth of your business in the future.  We have both conventional and digital generating processes available.

Our Coating Department provides the finishing touches to enhance your patient’s optical and aesthetic performance. These added value treatments can be no glare anti-reflective, scratch resistance and tinting.

All the machinery and capacity comes to life with our people. Lab personnel have the knowledge and experience to get your lens orders processed and completed with speed and accuracy. We are proud of the dedication of our employees and we work to provide each with satisfying and challenging work with an aim to personal and professional growth. 

At Optogenics we have advanced technology and equipment supported with skilled workers so that we can provide our customers with optical products that make for happy patients and a healthy practice.