Coating Services

Your Go-To 24 Hour AR Uncut Lab

At Optogenics we are convinced that the Coating Service is the finishing touch that makes the difference. Not only does it make a huge impact on the appearance of the lens and wearer, it also makes a great impact on the quality of vision. 


Whether you call it AR, anti-reflective coating or No Glare, the process is of great benefit to your customers and to your business. In our anti-reflective coating center we can produce a variety of coatings, from  the Crizal Family, the Zeiss AR line and our house brands, AR24Plus and AR15.  Our experienced,  highly trained  AR technicians work to ensure that your lenses are just as you ordered: Clear, durable and easy to clean. All of our no glare lenses are produced at our facility with the exception of Crizal Sapphire. 

Please watch the video on our Crizal Processing Center page for an overview of how Crizal No Glare lenses are made.


Our two-sided anti scratch resistance coating improves durability and provides a longer-lasting lens. In our No Glare processing center we use the SBSM (Spin Back Side Mithril) scratch coat process. 


Our in-house tintings services can add Solids, Gradients, Double Gradients, UV, Bleach and Blue Blocker tints in a wide variety of colors and combinations.

To confirm a service or color, please contact customer service.


Mirror treatments for glass or plastic include Solid, Flash, Gradient, Double Gradient, Colored Mirror Solid (gold, red, blue), Colored Mirror Gradient (gold & blue), Colored Mirror Double (gold & blue).  Flash mirrors are done in-house and all others are done by affiliated coating facilities.

Please contact customer service for questions on mirrors and added production time.