Digital Processing

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Digital lens processing, also known as free form technology, may well be the most important advance in the optical industry since anti-reflective coatings were perfected. Digital surfacing can be used to create single vision lenses or very complex progressive lens designs. Our digital lab is equipped with the latest state of the art technology. We have capacity to ensure that our service will meet our customers’ demands well into the future

Digital Advantages

  1. Digital surfacing provides a very exact prescription transfer for higher visual performance, with power accuracy of within 1/100th (0.01) of a diopter
  2. By including the patients position of wear (POW), lenses can be optimized for each patient's requirements
  3. Digitally surfaced lenses that include POW measurements come with compensated prescription. This is due to the patients worn position is different to the position of the lens when measured during final inspection
  4. Inventory flexibility reduces “out of stock” occurrences for particular Rx's

Digital Process


If you have any questions about how to recommend, fit or order digital lenses, please call our customer service department.