Crizal Processing Center

Your Go-To 24 Hour AR Uncut Lab

Having a Crizal processing center on the premises means that Optogenics meets the requirements for local production of the most advanced no glare lenses available. It also means that we have full control over QA, warranties and production schedule.

The Crizal Family of lenses are manufactured using state-of-the-art processes that provide front and back scratch resistance, no glare properties and hydrophobic technology. These processes fuse the Crizal materials into the lens itself for unparalleled durability and performance.

Crizal Avancé UV provides a lens with the easiest to clean surface which will remain easy to clean throughout the life of the lens. No other lens offers the combination of cleanability and durability offered by Crizal Avancé UV!

In our Crizal Processing Center we use the SBSM (Spin Back Side Mithril) process. The video below is a tour of the SBSM process and will introduce you to the advanced processes used to create the Crizal family of No Glare lenses.